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Trusting God through the process

  • March 4, 2018
  • By Somto
Trusting God through the process

Sometimes, we say prayers like “Oh Lord, change my heart” “Oh Lord, I want to be intimate with you. Cause me to burn for only you” “I want to have a heart that loves like you” “Oh Lord, burn everything in my life that is not of you”. Lol, these prayers are very sweet. We even love songs that speak these words but too often we avoid or relieve ourselves of the process or trials that may bring about that particular change in our lives.

We pray to God to help us be intimate with him but when bad situations present themselves, rather than trust God, we resort to the fact that He may have forsaken us. We pray for God to change our hearts and help us love others genuinely but when situations present themselves for us to act in love to an annoying family member, friend, colleague or room mate, we can’t bring ourselves to do that because we would rather give them a piece of our mind or hold a grudge. We ask God to lead us to His plans for our lives but when He starts doing that, we start complaining that we don’t understand where He is taking us to because all we really wanted was for him to lead us to our own plans. So I ask, are we prepared for the process God is taking us through to bring about a change? More than Half of the time, we are not.

Truth is that the areas we’re constantly tried (tested) in are most likely the areas that we need to grow in. Personally, I deal with loving others and trusting in God among other things but each day, I see how God works to mature my character by allowing situations that will test my love and my trust. There are days when I would resolve to not get angry but to be loving to even the most annoying of my friends but when those situations present themselves, I do the opposite of showing love. I have learnt that the true test of love is not in the midst of loveable people but in how you can still show love to people that do not deserve it. The true test of trust is not in situations when God comes through for you but rather still being able to trust in Him in the moments when he doesn’t come through for you in the way you want and lots more. Instead of complaining about how the same thing always happens or the same people or situations are always trying you, focus on your fruit and grow.

Enough of lamenting about how you are always having annoying room mates every year or how your family members, friends or colleagues annoy you constantly, rather start loving them by the help of the Holy Spirit. Stop lamenting about how everything in your life seems to be crashing and be humble enough to learn the lessons God wants to teach you in that season which may be to trust Him even when you walk through the fire because He is with you and knows what is best for you.

See, our God sits as a refiner and purifier of silver. He uses situations in our lives to refine and purge us in order for us to bear fruits of righteousness. I remember one post my friend Taiwo sent on this group chat I’m a part of, it was
about a woman who went to watch a silversmith work and she asked the silver smith, “how would you know the silver is fully refined” he replied “when I can see my image in it” woww. It’s the same way with God and us. So even if you are feeling the heat of the fire, remember that God has his eyes on you and will keep watching you till He sees his image in you. He won’t let you get burnt. Genuine faith put under suffering and trials comes out proved genuine. The level of change you will experience in your Christian life is dependent on how much you let God have His way.

Somto Ezepue

By Somto, March 4, 2018
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