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  • April 13, 2018
  • By DIVA

By: Oluchi Igbokwe

It was 12 midnight and I just got home. The rain was pouring outside and my shoes were soaked. “This Lekki sucks!” I thought to myself as I threw my wet shoes in the corner and fell on my bed, exhausted. I had no interest in taking off my dress, I just had the most wonderful night. Any other thing could wait.

I looked at my phone and prayed he would call. Jide had promised to call me that night as he hugged me goodbye.
I wondered what could be delaying the call and that’s when I realized my phone was switched off. I turned it on quickly and a message came through. “Look outside your window.”

I was so immersed in my thoughts I didn’t realize 30 minutes had passed; I ran to my window as fast as i could and I saw Jide standing outside, drenched in the rain, hands held high in the air carrying a white board with barely visible words; “Will you marry me?”

Before I could utter a word in reply to him, Chinwe pushed me and I almost fell off the bed wide awake!

By DIVA, April 13, 2018
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