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Family Code Series: Season 1, Episode 1

  • April 25, 2019
  • By DIVA
Family Code Series: Season 1, Episode 1

Interviewer: Queenette Obinna

Heyy DIVAs,

So today’s interview is focused on “Family”. I, for one, admire these ladies bond and have even asked to be inducted into their Fair Ladies Association, Lol! They could even be mistaken for triplet. When you see these ladies, you see true friendship, unity, love, selflessness and sacrifice. At the end of this interview, I hope we would have learnt something tangible about family and also be inspired, so grab your popcorn, soda and enjoy the read.

These DIVAs will now take their Oaths:

I promise to say the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God, Amen

Q: Can we meet you? (Your name, relationship status and hobbies). 

Ngozi: My name is Ngozi Ejim, not in a relationship at the moment. My hobbies are singing, dancing and travelling.

Ozo: Chiazokam Eze by name, dating and watching movies

Ekpereka: Ekpereka Eze, dating and watching movies also.

Q: How long have you known each other and how did you all meet?

Ngozi: We have known each other for about 4 years now.

Ozo: For Ngozi, I think it started in 2017, though I knew her as the yellow girl with glasses. We started talking very frequently and the rest is history now. As for, Ekpereka, we have been tenants for a very long time

Ekpereka: Lol, Ozo and I were born together. The relationship with Ngozi started when she was elected Prayer Secretary, she was away for her NYSC and so I was asked to stand in for her for the time being. We started talking very frequently and the rest is history now

Q: How did the bond strengthen, did it just happen or was it intentional?

Ngozi: It didn’t just happen, there were visitations, calls to check-up on each other and hangouts too.

Ozo: The relationship has been strengthened because we genuinely have the same habits of thought. Well, I will regard myself as friend snatcher?, I actually met Ngozi via the relationship she had with Ekpereka. Although, the relationship was very natural, her family accepted us and vice versa.
PS: Ngozi’s mum calls us “my Sweeties”.

Ekpereka: The relationship was genuine, we had like minds. Specifically myself and Ngozi had keen interest in going abroad to further our education, well we still dey Nigeria at the moment . The relationship was very natural and mutual; my family accepted her and her family accepted us too.

Q: How do you intentionally manage each others differences?

Ngozi: We try not to hold things against each other, we talk it through and see things through another person’s perspective. In essence, we do not keep grudges, we try to understand each other’s weaknesses, talk about whatever has hurt us when everyone is in a better frame of mind.

Ozo: We argue and settle issues as the need arises.

Ekpereka: I don’t have any best practice for this. We argue, tackle and settle issues.

Q: Do you talk about everything? Like everything? Or there is an area you don’t dare discuss or there is someone amongst the three of you who is somewhat secretive?

Ngozi: We talk about everything. No one is actually secretive.

Ozo: We talk about everything, no stone is left unturn but they think I’m secretive, i guess I subconsciously try to internalize matters before sharing‍?.

Ekpereka: We talk about everything, but Ozo is secretive. Although God is helping her break through.

Q: Are there any slangs or private jokes that are only common to the three of you that when one says, you ladies easily can decode?

Ngozi: Oh! Yes, there are. one of them is angry bird Lol.

Ozo: Anu kpo nku ne-ju onu (Dry meat that fills the mouth)?Ngozi hasn’t gotten a hang of this though.

Ekpereka: Can’t think of any now but I accept whatever they both say.

Q: One word that defines Family to you.

Ngozi: Togetherness
Ozo: Family is Sacrificial.
Ekpereka: Family is life

Q: 3 things you all have in common? Please don’t say you are all SISCO or say God, Holy spirit and Jesus!!! We already know that one lol. 

Ngozi: Lol! We are light skinned, we can wear the same shoe and we cannot catch a local live chicken.

Ozo: We are the real ORENTE gang, we are literally Cool, Calm, Collected. We all are prudent people.

Ekpereka: We are all light-skinned, we stay on 23road, we all have good savings/money management skills.

Q: Any distressing time or low period that comes to mind, when you felt the support of this sisterhood, how did you help each other?

Ngozi: They listened, encouraged, prayed for me and shared in my burden too. Always bringing another perspective on how to handle challenges.

Ozo: Ah, we have had some down times, the fact still remains we always draw strength from each other.

Ekpereka: The list is endless my dear, the fact still remains we are always there for each other

Q: Any final words for DIVAs encouraging them to learn how to foster bonds among each other? 

Ngozi: Come out of your comfort zone and get to know a person, I didn’t really like Ekpereka initially because I felt she liked Shakara but when we became excos and we had reasons to work together, I had to put away whatever opinion I had of her, get to know her and I must say, it has been a sweet ride since then.
Secondly, pay visits to each others homes and get to know your parents. For me, I really didn’t like friends coming over to my house because of my upbringing. But Ekpereka and Ozo took an extra mile to know my house, my parents and when they visit, they spend good time as well. It helped me open up to them and also helped me come out of my shell. Thank you

Ozo: Self-sufficiency is exhausting and pretty much boring, build friendships today!

Ekpereka: Friendships were designed by God.


Yayy!!!The end.

Did you enjoy this post? If you did, what were some key things you learnt? Please leave your answers in the comments section and anticipate another episode of the Family Code Series.

Meanwhile, the DIVAs meeting for April is happening this Saturday (tomorrow). If you’ve missed the others, my sister no carry last for this one oh! See details in the flyer below.

By DIVA, April 25, 2019
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