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Book Review: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

  • April 9, 2019
  • By DIVA
Book Review: Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

By: Somto Ezepue 

Hey beautiful DIVAS, It’s been minute months. We are sorry we went missing in action for a while but going forward, we will do better by God’s grace.

I’m so so excited to be reviewing “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers and on this note I’d like to encourage us to make it a habit to read books that push us to become better versions of ourselves.

If you know me, you’d know that the love I have for Francine Rivers is like a copied assignment (I just can’t explain it lol). To top it all, this particular book is my all time favorite! I’ve read it twice now and I cried each time because I could not and cannot still deal with such love.

I love that Francine Rivers is a devoted preacher of love. Majority of her books are centered around love (the God kind of love) which is the true essence of our Christian living. I mean, This love is the same reason, many years ago, God looked down on the earth and thought that we were worth dying for despite how deep in sin we were.

Lol I’m already preaching. Let’s get to the main gist now.

This book by Francine Rivers is a detailed version of the very popular Bible story – Hosea and Gomer….. It doesn’t ring a bell yet? Remember the guy God told to marry a harlot? Yes, that story.

So in this book, there’s a girl named Angel whose life didn’t start out well. Her biological father (Alex) didn’t want her because he had his own wife and kids (Angel’s mother was more like a mistress to Alex). Her mother barely had time for her because she was busy trying to impress Alex who didn’t really care about them. One day, Angel’s mum died and the person who was supposed to take care of Angel didn’t have the resources to do that so he sold her off into prostitution at the age of 8. How tragic? That was the beginning of the darkest days in Angel’s life. Imagine men old enough to be her father sleeping with her, even her father unknowingly slept with her at some point. Angel was moved from one place to the other and each time she got to a place, men wanted to have something sexual to do with her. It was terrible. Angel hated her life. She hated her own wretched helplessness. Most of all she hated the men for their relentless quest for pleasure. She gave them her body but nothing more which was why when Michael Hosea came into the picture, it was hard for Angel to believe that a man could be truly interested in her beyond the physical.

Angel hated her life. She hated her own wretched helplessness. Most of all she hated the men for their relentless quest for pleasure.

Oops, I’m sorry. Let’s go back a bit. Angel was finally moved to this Brothel called Pair a’ dice and one afternoon, while Micheal Hosea was going about his business around the brothel area, he noticed Angel walking by and there and then he heard a clear instruction from God that she was to be his wife. At this point, Michael thought he must have been tripping. A spirit filled, born again believer to be joined with a harlot? Ridiculous right?

This story is an imagery of the kind of love God has for us. At some point,  we were lost in the sauce of this world, hopeless, distressed but He came and bought us with a price. God took us in as His own when we became born again, but many of us still feel unworthy of His grace and acceptance so we draw back. Many of us still mingle with sin. Many of us still find it hard not to go back to the things He saved us from but the beautiful thing about God as shown by Michael Hosea is that He is so relentless, always ready to pick us up when we fall. This book showed me that love can soften even the hardest of hearts and change the worst of humanity no matter how long it takes because Love is really patient. This book isn’t about second chances but about third, fourth and even fifth chances and I’m mind blown because it shows how deep God’s love for us runs. Once you are receptive of this love, it changes you. You cannot remain the same after encountering this love. So my dear, Open your hearts and receive this love today.

The same way God didn’t give up on us while we were dead in sin, and is still not giving up on us while we sometimes abound yet in sin,  patiently waiting for us to retrace our steps to Him, that’s the same way we ought not to give up on that family member, friend, colleague, course mate, room mate, etc. Ask God for the grace to love people from a pure heart. Jesus said that men shall know that we are His disciples because we love. That’s the first evidence. Let’s all make it our aim to love from a pure heart as God enables us to.

This book is a must read!!!! For those of us that have read it,  let’s talk in the comments section. What do you think about the book? What lesson struck you the most? Who’s your favorite character and why? and most importantly how do you think you can live out the core lessons you learnt?

By DIVA, April 9, 2019
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  • Nkiruka Paula Ahaiwe
    April 23, 2019

    Somto, Francine is my all time writer as well. I am so delighted to see that we are reviewing this book. The depth of Gods love is seen in the story of Hosea and Gomer in the bible however, it becomes real in this book. You can relate to this story because it is our life’s story. How we stray from his love but how He keeps coming after us and always leaves the door open for us. It is simply amazing. Francine has my heart. This book does also. I recommend it to everyone. Men and Women alike.

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