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WCW Hotseat with Ijeoma Nkwonta

  • July 15, 2020
  • By DIVA
WCW Hotseat with Ijeoma Nkwonta

Ijeoma Nkwonta

Q: What would a typical day in your life look like?

A: Lol. This is as of July 2020.
– Wake up 6am, do my devotion (grateful to God I have quality time to do that now, unlike before when I’d be thinking of how to beat traffic or the work I brought back home 😂)
– Do a fast walk from 23road to 21road and back
– Bathe and resume at my office in my room😁
– Office time usually is packed with client meetings or working on clients projects, close for the day and see how I can support in the kitchen (not everyday though, because sometimes I’m knackered)
– Sleep and wake up in between (I wake up a whole lot). I’m pregnant with so many ideas I’m about to birth, so these “babies” in my tummy make me uncomfortable at night and wake me up in between to write😁

Q: We hear people talk about how they need to balance different aspects of their lives: How have you ensured that your spiritual life is not lacking despite having other responsibilities?

A: My sisters, I need schooling here too, but one thing that has helped me is a personal understanding that Christ is my SOURCE, and if I don’t stay feeding my very essence in Christ, which has been my differentiating factor, I will wane. God in me has given me tremendous courage in life’s battles, and that courage is my differentiating factor, I get that only from God’s word and my relationship with Him. So that knowledge has helped me know that I need to prioritize my relationship with God, inclusive of Godly friends whose lives encourage me too. Also I outsource people who clean my house, cook, etc  as much as I can. I outsource things when I’m super busy to allow me have time for other pressing things. If you can afford outsourcing, that can be helpful.

Q: What are your views on accountability?

A: I believe as a Christian it’s important, but I’d also add that it must not only be with someone who is your senior or mentor figure. You can be accountable to your Christian friends or someone in your family who is a believer, if overtime you have observed that they’ll tell you the truth even if it would pain you. 🙂

Q: What are you very passionate about?

A:God, Education or Professional/Personal Development, Youth Development and Personal Leadership.
I can be very quiet now, but mention any of these things and I will brighten up and start engaging😁

Q: You are a career transitionist. How has the experience been so far in light of everything that has happened this COVID period? What advice do you have for people who have been laid off from their jobs this period?

A: Loss of job should never mean loss of work. Employ yourself, use your skills to bless your world.

When I lost my job, I did a review on the core values of companies I wanted to work for, and I noticed one recurring theme: They wanted  entrepreneurs or people who had personal leadership. Did you catch that? What you do with the experience of a job loss can project you as more marketable to some businesses who appreciate an entrepreneurial mindset or people who are self led. Just don’t waste this experience, use it to do those things you have always wanted to do, monetize your skills and talents too (very important), stay positive, feed on God’s word daily to get direction and seek his reassuring soothing perspectives on your matter😊

Q: What do you do to relax when you are not working?

A: I sing, I dance 😂 I gist  with Propane (my brother). I catch up with close friends and mentors, I SLEEP (need a lot of that because of the pressure I allow myself to undergo). I accept invitations to mentor and counsel younger people (this one gives me sheer joy and fulfillment).

Q: Any final remark to other DIVAs?

If you want a friend, first be a friend.

Thanks for the honour to interview with the DIVA community.


By DIVA, July 15, 2020
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